The Candy Files: Book Club

House Candy = Coffee Table Treats

This week, the House Candy coffee table will be giving this beautiful page flicker pride of place. Design Masterclass is a tantalising resource book full of simple tips and clever tricks to help you
nail the signature style that has made design supremo Kelly Hoppen a household name.

Head down to West Yorkshire design Mecca Redbrick on Friday 15th May between 4pm and 7pm and who knows, you might even get a selfie with the author, designer and bonafide business mogul Kelly Hoppen herself! (pause for sharp intake of breath)

IT’S TRUE! - Kelly-off-the-telly, style advisor to the stars…  this insanely well connected lady has swapped Belgravia for Batley and is hanging out at her newly opened concession store, her first in the North of England. It’s the perfect opportunity to pick up a signed copy of Design Masterclass for you - or a seriously cool gift for a friend.

In fact get the weekend off to a flier and finish up with fizz at Redbrick’s Cafe Casbah to celebrate your coffee table coup.

In the meantime, stay tuned for an exclusive Kelly Hoppen meets House Candy interview right here on the blog :-)

Fine & Candy = Book shelf wallpaper
The space saving, dust free alternative to appearing well read. It’s cheaper than a shelf full of first editions but it won’t buy you an invite to book club. My favourites are these:

Candy Pandy = Bad Book Manners

Turned corners, notes on recipe pages, tea cup stains on the cover - this would be bad enough…  but there’s also a pile of borrowed books the size of a sawmill stuffed under my bed that I have: 
a) not read and 
b) long since forgotten who lent them to me. 

Sorry friends. In future just tell me to buy my own. I understand, promise.

Hope to see you at Redbrick? Please drop me a line if you can make it!!