Take a seat for Royal Baby Watch

News Flash… It’s pink...

Earlier in the waiting room...

The paparazzi are fully assembled... Baby Cambridge #2 is on the way.

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, the Arne Jacobsen Series 7 Chair is now available in a whole new range of colours including, fittingly, rose pink and baby blue (above).

The most sold stackable chair in design history, THIS is my tip for one stylish and practical baby/house-warming gift for the Duke and Duchess... well just think of all those visitors!

Available from skandinavian design superstore Skandium, you can now choose your iconic Series 7 chair in a whopping 19 colours or these gorgeous limited edition 60th anniversary specials.

Priced at £329 for the coloured Ash version, £456 for the lacquered finish, or £523 for the limited edition colours,  I’m saving up all my pennies for the ultimate Royal Baby souvenir purchase. Shop the full range here: www.skandium.com Image Map