Make it Hoppen - Kelly’s Design Masterclass

If The Beckham’s ask you for help designing their new London mansion, you can safely say you’ve made it. It’s the contract every interior designer on the planet would die for … and likely few could handle.

But in Kelly Hoppen’s case, I don’t imagine for one minute a sweaty-palmed, Dragon’s Den style sales pitch:  Kelly frantically flicking through her portfolio at the Beckham breakfast bar; VB giving it the power-pout and David stroking his salt and pepper stubble as they contemplate her credentials.

 The fact is, stars queue up to have this lady style their home. When it comes to celebrity homemaking, Kelly Hoppen is the Don.

So it’s really rather good of her to let the likes of us in on her interior style secrets. Better than that, we’re allowed to emulate that signature star quality, simply by following a few golden rules as highlighted in her latest book, Design Masterclass. 

Here we learn, step by step, that creating a dream home is not rocket science … but neither is it about having an A-list bank balance and a professional stylist on speed dial. Kelly learned her craft the hard way and her advice, along with the ethos of her homewares label, is about creating comforting spaces that help you relax and enjoy the important things in life.  A Kelly Hoppen home has soul.

So, far from the fire breathing dragon you might expect as head of a global business enterprise, here is a lady who loves nothing more than chilling out at home, surrounded by nature, friends and family. Meet Kelly Hoppen MBE; Mother, Business lady, Expert in all things House Candy. 

Kelly Talks House Candy: The Interview

Kelly at home: 

You travel the world for work and pleasure, what home comforts do you miss the most?
It is the small things like the comfort of your own bed, which I still miss from many of the lovely hotels I have stayed at. If it is a business trip, I miss my family and friends dearly.

Summer is on the way, what tricks do you use to transition your home into a new season?
Firstly, I store away all of my warming winter layers such as throws and cosy rugs and then switch heavier fabrics to lighter ones. For example, I replace velvet lined curtains to airy linen ones. I also find that lighter shades such as whites, and neutrals on walls help give a home that bright summery feel.

Your interiors help to create a sense of calm and contentment. How do you achieve this in your own lifestyle?
By making sure I have that balance between work, rest and play. I love what I do but I also make sure I plan my years, months and days and set goals that I can celebrate when they’re achieved.

Kelly at work:

Design Masterclass is a lesson in interior style - what common design disasters do you think deserve detention?
Not properly laying out an interior space before starting design work can result in design disaster. If you don’t have the right measurements of the room you are working on you could end up with oversized furniture which leaves your space looking cramped and could cost a fortune to rectify. An easy tip is to measure up, then mark out where you are placing different pieces with masking tape.

70s designs are back in fashion, what period in history inspires you the most? 
There are so many eras that inspire me in history, from the classic and traditional Victorians to the chic glamour of the 1950s and 60s – such pivotal moments in history, for women especially.

You've got designers block, where do you go for inspiration?
Traveling is one of my favourite ways to get inspired. My design philosophy is based on East Asian principles and there is so much culture to soak up in China so this would definitely be a top pick. A nice, refreshing country walk near my home in the Cotswolds would be another go to place.

You have worked with some of the world's most stylish people, whose house style do you most admire and why?
I really love my own home because  it is the only project that I have been able to design one hundred percent according to my personal vision. With client projects, even though I design using my signature style, there is still external input and specifications to meet.

Kelly’s crushes:

Who would you invite to the perfect dinner party?
My design icon Sir Terrence Conran, fashion icon Coco Chanel, beauty icon Marylin Monroe and the Dalai Lama.

Each week on My House Candy, I share my current interior cravings, what's at the top of your 2015 wish list?
I can’t really think of anything as I luckily have everything I want and If there is something I do want that is not on the market, I can design. I am however always on the look out for stunning artwork; I see art as an investment.

Do you have an all time favourite piece of House Candy?
There are so many that come to mind from my Kelly Hoppen homeware collection. I’m passionate about each and every design but the Luna Vase is one of my favourites. The shape and lines of the design are classic and could fit in any home. The vase is one of the first pieces I designed for, so it holds a very special place in my heart. I also love my new cubes that are in my collection, very unique and different.

Open Cube £535

Meet Kelly Hoppen for her exclusive book signing event and enjoy an introduction to her luxury homewares brand, this FRIDAY 15h May, between 4pm and 7pm at the Kelly Hoppen concession store, Redbrick Batley, West Yorkshire.

I’m so excited, I’ve got Kelly belly! 

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