The Candy Files: Mouse Candy

This week's interior ups and downs …
House Candy = Mouse’s Back

I’m obsessed with my new book, Colour, by Abigail Ahern which is pushing my interior boundaries out of the park. Designer OTM, Ahern is famously not a fan of the all white skandi look, encouraging us to turn to the dark side for instant jaw-drop effect. I’m taking things one step at a time, starting with a move towards drab woodwork in place of my usual bright white gloss. Add punches of bright colour and tons of texture and you’re on your way to nailing modern edgy interiors. 

The cabinetry above is painted in Farrow and Ball’s Mouse’s Back which, as its name suggests, refers to the grey-brown of our little rodent friends and borders on the spectrum of a much misunderstood shade. Brown is a colour  I am certainly guilty of overlooking and yet according to Abigail (ATA as I will forevermore abbreviate) brown makes rooms feel instantly comfortable, grounded and safe. 

Be clear that beige is most definitely not the right way to go here. Mouse’s Back is a safe option, but be braver than me and delve deeper into the shade for ATA "a hue that helps you slow down, chill out and relax.” 


Fine and Candy = Mouseman

Inspired by the cute little critters that resided at his North Yorkshire workshop, Robert “Mouseman” Thompson incorporated them into his now iconic 1930s furniture designs. I am excited to soon be checking out the Visitor Centre to appreciate the traditional craftsmanship that is still producing fine, English Oak furniture today. Click here for details:

As a child I used to do colouring on my neighbours table above which I always thought was cool, since it had a mouse crawling up the side. If only I’d known how cool - an original table like this is now worth over £2,000! Scour your grannies attic people - she might just be harbouring a future heirloom. Even a chopping board can claim in excess of £200 at auction. In fact a whole Mouseman collection caused a recent sale room sensation when some items reached double the predicted guide price. Read all about it here: 


Candy Pandy = Actual House Mouse

Interior design muse or not, please leave before I am forced to call in backup.

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