Royal Roomies

Not long now until Kensington Palace hears the pitter patter of tiny feet. And quite possibly the stamping of feet from a right royal toddler tantrum.

As Prince William recently pointed out, baby number 2 is a "game changer". Second time around it’s less about making sure baby's room has all the right props and more about tip-toeing around some delicate sibling territorial issues.

  So as the world settles down for Royal Baby Watch Episode 2 "The Game Changer", here’s some cool room changes to help suspicious older siblings feel like they are still king of their castle.  

1) Establish a height advantage

Climbing the steps to board the beautiful weathered oak Clamberdoodle from is sure to make for one happy little sailor. There’s also a nifty blackboard on the end where new babies can pass on messages of sibling adoration via desperate parents.

2) Protect from predators

Defend, defend, defend. Think like an elder child and room decorating becomes a whole lot easier. This cool chair from is clearly NOT for babies. Trust me, learning the art of sharing can wait.

3) Get a four legged friend

Now is not the time to buy a pet, but this Scottie Dog night lamp from brings a warm glow to the idea of growing families. Only for top dogs.

4) Arrest the Sleep Thief

In my experience, keeping the elder sibling in their room at night is more challenging than any birth situation. A nice duvet helps. Especially if, like me, you’re the one than ends up sleeping in it.

5. Create Sibling HQ 

When they’re sent to their room for putting the baby in the ironing basket they’re going to need somewhere to file a complaint. This desk, equipped with a pile of paper and crayons, just might save your wallpaper. It’s also cool enough to see them through school days.

Got any great children’s room ideas to share? I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.