Midweek Candy Craving: Rodeo Drive


Ye-ha. After months of anticipation fuelled by top fashion magazines, several FROW appearances and sightings from Alexa Chung AND Olivia Palermo, the long awaited M&S cowgirl-esque IT Skirt finally lands in store this week.

At £199 it’s not cheap - and yet it’s so likely to sell out that Marks and Sparks have set up an on-line register for desperados such as myself, alerting them to availability. (Click here if that’s also you www.marksandspencer.com)

Whether or not I am able to beat an army of rooting, tooting fashionistas to the cash desk is playing heavy on my mind. So to pass the time I’ve decided to channel all my energy into rounding up my favourite wild west interior cravings instead.

Let’s start with the floor situation, which needs only one covering as far as I’m concerned.    

Forget your English Fresians, this brown and white Grade A South American cowhide wins Best In Show for me. £210 from www.cowhiderugslondon.co.uk this generous beast is extremely hardwearing, should you need to roll around on it.

If this is just too much cattle for your carpet, there’s always the patchwork option, which may be much easier to live with:

Ikea’s Kornum rug (£200) comes in a variety of colour options and allows for a more formal layout thanks to its nice, regular sizing: 170 x 240 cm www.ikea.com

Now, supposing Brad Pitt circa Thelma and Louise era came a-knocking, THIS is where we’d line up the Whiskey shots.

Not too fancy, not too oiled. The Salvage 7ft Gunbarrel dining table from www.barkerandstonehouse.co.uk can seat a herd of hungry cowboys and girls.

But benches are no good for resting a saddle sore derriere, so I might upgrade to sit astride one of these luscious leather dining chairs from www.heals.co.uk:

The Buffalo side chair in shiny, conker coloured vintage leather has a hefty £295 price tag, but would be well worth brushing up my poker playing skills for.

So it’s been a long day on the ranch and Calamity Jane is ready to turn out the light. Personally, I’d like it to be a saloon-worthy silk and beaded beauty such as this seductive wall light, the likes of which I’m going to have to trawl antique fairs for:

Meanwhile, I will happily make do with this Evangeline pendant light £395 from www.bhs.co.uk, which fulfils my dangly tassels requirement perfectly.

Safely tucked up in obligatory Gingham bedlinen, (£12 from h&m)… 

… The last thing I must do before beddie-byes is take off my Stetson. And where better to hang it than here:

Red Deer antlers £450 www.notonthehighstreet.com

So it’s pistols at dawn on Friday for the M&S IT Skirt. But then again, I might just find me a cowboy and ride off into the sunset instead. 

Giddy-Up I say.