The Fact of the Platter

Mums like tea parties. Fact.

We like china cups and teapots. We like finger sandwiches. We like jam scones. And most of all, we like pretty little cream buns on pretty little stands.

Mums like cake stands.

Pastel pink cake stand - £6.99

Just like mums, cake stands come in all manner of different shapes and sizes. In fact, I reckon there’s a cake stand to suit every mum I know. Here’s a few you might recognise...

Mamma Mia

Cheery and colourful, this mum likes to put on a show. Unlikely to have time for more than a tray bake, but boy can she fash-up a fondant fancy.

Coloured ceramic cake stand from

Queen Mum

A regular taker of elevenses, it's an honour to have tea with this lady. In public she is kind, she is sweet, she is funny. Behind closed doors she is a chain smoking, daytime sherry drinker with a penchant for gambling. Her cake stand is the vintage variety. Glass that sparkles like the glint in her eye.

Vintage glass cake stand - find one on

Alpha Mum

She of the nativity FROW, the It bag,  the school buns that make your supermarket fairy cakes look like rabbit droppings. This Mumpreneur requires 3 tiers to display all varieties of spectacular sweet offerings knocked up between night feeds… And when the cakes are gone, even her crumbs look stylish.

Multi Stem 3-tier cake stand £70 Orla Kiely

Mother Nature 

Pure and simple - a natural cake baker. This mum uses 100% organic ingredients and has her little darlings begging for another slice of courgette cake.  

Marble cake stand £40 from www.John

Mummy Pig

The brighter the better for this mum-in-a-million. Grannies calorific chocolate cake is a winner for after school tea parties…  she so deserves the matching piny.

Ric-Rac single cake stand £24

 So bake it or fake it, who cares? Stick it on a fancy plate and 
call it a tea-party.