The Candy Files

The highs and lows of a hopeless housewife. This week ...

House Candy = Watering Cans.

It started with Friday cocktails at The Botanist...

And ended with Sunday surprises from The Bloke...

… My love for watering cans just grows and grows. (This lily planter is £10 from Tesco)

With Mother's Day looming you too could sprinkle some appreciation with these colourful cuties, just £8 from

 Add a bunch of daffs and a handwritten luggage label. Aaahhhh
(Call me old fashioned but you could even water your plants with them)


Fine & Candy = Monogrammed Cushions

Imagine the joy when I was showed to my room at super swish Rudding Park to find they had embroidered my husband's initials on the scatter cushions!

For the "I'm so special" factor (particularly if your initials are RP) I would highly recommend a visit. 
Not so special? Create your own boudoir style with a great choice of lettered cushions newly in stock at 

There's also the opportunity to mark out His 'n' Hers territory with this £10 beauty at


Candy Pandy = Mud

It's called a doormat boys. Use it.