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The highs and lows of a hopeless housewife. This week at House Candy HQ...

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Candylicious = Spring accessories

Because it pays to get the details on point.
Bone-china tea plates, £72 for a set of four, Ted Baker at

Fine and Candy = Binterest

I invited criticism when I splashed out on a limited edition Vipp bin from last year, but Trash Candy is big news as these new Orla Kiely pedal bins by Brabantia go to prove. 
 £95 - £135 from


Candy Pandy = The Droop

Plants have feelings too you know and after a busy few months my greenery is showing signs of neglect. Jeez, with 3 humans and a hound to keep happy, I can do without plant pressure. I’m contemplating faking the fauna from now on. This cactus from guarantees perennial perkiness.