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This week at House Candy HQ…

I'm enjoying Breton Stripes...

… On cushions

… On tableware

… On jumpers


I'm having a good old fashioned green clean. 

 Never has anything to do with my cleaning habits had the Wisteria Lane effect. This does.
Give good housewife envy with the Mangle & Wringer range  - a set of sprays, balms and powders made from traditional recipes passed down from actual Downton Abbey-style housekeepers. 

No nasty chemicals to land in the fruit bowl or pollute the chopping board. Amazing smear free glass cleaning properties. There's even natural bleach and washing powder for laundry that I do not mind airing in public. Oh and did I mention the pretty bottles?

Mangle & Wringer Starter Pack, £32.30 from 
Read my previous post for more details. 


I'm suffering serious wardrobe malfunction

The shops say Spring, the weather says Winter, the wardrobe says ENOUGH ALREADY!
Sigh... I'm still desperately seeking the capsule wardrobe. But until then the husband will have to free up some hanging space. Well nobody likes a hoarder, Dear :-)