Mid-Week Candy Craving

I'm potty for tea.

It's a 3 cup kind of morning. You know the one.

                                                           No 1  - The waker-uper
                                                           No 2  - The stabiliser
                                                           No 3  - The where-do-I-start-er

So this morning I am done with tea cups and going in for the whole pot. Hurrah then for Asda whose huge selection has got my mid-week caffeine craving covered, with spots on.

The new Meadow pot (above) is from the gorgeous George at Home Spring drop and for £8, I can't think of a better way to bring a bit of sunshine into my morning.

The pastel pink Vintage teapot, also £8, is a popular look if you like a side helping of chintz with your cuppa. Go to town with the complete dinner service, available in classic white for just £18 or mix and match with baby blue and pink pieces from £3 for a set of two bowls. www.direct.asda.com/George-Home-Vintage-Dining-Collection.com

I'm a sucker for fire engine red and at only £5 this one ranks high in the budget style stakes.

Cute, coy and to the point, with this on my work top I will never need reminding that it's time for tea. £5

And not forgetting you modernists out there, this Sabichi stainless steel teapot at £14 gives you the designer look without the designer price tag.

With it's HQ in Yorkshire, there's no wonder Asda understands the importance of tea making. Every caffeine induced whim is catered for both in-store and online at www.direct.asda.com

As for me, I'm feeling perkier already. In fact I'm positively raring to go with the first job on my to do list: 1) Boil Kettle.

Have a productive week all.

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