Mid-Week Candy Craving

The mornings are brighter, the evenings are longer and I'm craving British Summer Time like a hungry sparrow.

Luckily, there's just enough time before the clocks change for me to get my hands on some new wall candy.

Since I introduced colour into my all-white life there's no stopping me, but these £30 Pantry clocks by Newgate pose me a problem. You see, I kind of want them all...

 Flamingo pink would liven up my utility...

A lime green time machine says hello hallway...

And this little boy blue could help lazy little lads get to school on time.

The traditionalist in me is struggling to veer far from the station clock style
so maybe an updated 50s Electric in shiny fire engine red would sound the
siren? This 37cm version is a steal at £65 

To ponder my choice from a full range of bright and beautiful Newgate clocks I will be heading over to www.thebridgeinteriors.com where their Yorkshire prices alone are enough to send my heart a-ticking.