My Pretty Clean

Never judge a book by its cover. Unless it's a book about gorgeous traditionally made cleaning products and the front cover looks something like this.

This week I tackled the aftermath of Half Term and it was not a pretty sight. But, much like that first visit to the gym after an over indulgent Christmas, a brand new kit made the whole thing more pleasurable. And what a kit it is. The Mangle & Wringer natural cleaning range from brilliant Yorkshire firm, is literally a fairytale product range. Here's why...

The Mangle & Wringer Story
It's 1920s London and a young kitchen maid by the name of Bette Smith has
her sights set on a better life. She works hard for her high society employees and progresses up the household hierarchy to Laundry Maid and then Ladies Maid before she falls in love, marries and moves to Glocestershire to start a family. Here she sets up a laundry business and becomes known locally as Mrs Mangle. Later her daughter - nicknamed Little Miss Wringer - becomes her protege and together they rock the housekeeping world with traditional recipes for cleaning products that work wonders.

Sadly their was no Fairy Godmother included in my £32.50 Starter Pack, so it was left to me and a brand new pair of Marigolds. But the beautifully packaged products, the fact that they are made from 100% natural ingredients and the rags to riches tale behind them was enough to see me through. And the end result? Kitchen and bathrooms that sparkle like glass slippers.

Mangle and Wringer Starter pack £32.30
Housekeeping box £5.99 from

Good for Glass spray

Laundry Powder and Natural Bleach

Kitchen Cleansing Balm

Back in the day, there was no luxe brand packaging to evoke housewife envy. But the original Kim and Aggie will no doubt be delighted to see what Mangle & Wringer founder Vanessa Willes has done with the recipes she had past down to her. The full product range is available from just £5.60 for the must-have Spray and Go. For more 'useful and beautiful' cleaning equipment than you can shake a goat haired duster at, click here: