Mid-Week Candy Craving

Oscars on Sunday, Brits today and a cheeky Tuesday night gig squeezed in-between. I was wondering if this week could get any more star studded when I had a light bulb moment. Well OK, several lightbulbs arranged around a a 24inch galvanised vintage metal frame. Because nothing says star quality like a letter light. The question is, which way to go?

Arrow? For directing naughty boys upstairs to bed? … For sending a subliminal message on down days? … For showing unwanted guests the door? 

This way for Broadway lights at bargain prices www.made.com

Initials? For £299 I could shoo my shrinking violet here: www.letterlights.co.uk

Word up? In case you're loved one needs things spelling out. You can custom-make your point in huge light-up letters at www.etsy.com

Ampersand? OTM key as advocated by Chanel? Certainly has attitude… & what?
 Get diva style & then some from this fab seller…  www.staidanshomewarestore.co.uk

Star? Simple. Does exactly what it says on the galvanised tin www.made.com

Wait, I've got it... The perfect one letter message to inspire some star quality in my home...

Let it B
B Awesome
B Yourself
B the Best you can...

And the award for the Coolest Interior In The World Ever goes to….
 Let me grab my hairbrush, I've got a speech to prepare.

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