Make love, not dough

What have these three images got in common? And what the hell has bread got to do with interiors. Read on for my new found recipe for interiors zen.

Yesterday I had just the best day. It was a trip out with my hippy friend; so it was all about fresh air, thrift shopping and, well, carbs actually. The very thing I spend most of my week avoiding. And guess what, it was deliciously inspirational.

Hippy Friend took me to the The Handmade Bakery in Slaithwaite, near Huddersfield. This is a not-for-profit community supported artisan bakery. It turns out gorgeous, wholesome, oven fresh loaves and pastries for the sheer love of it. Almost as a by product, it also provides us visitors with a vey cool place to hang out, chat and chow down on some unbeievably gorgeous products.

You see, I have discovered that when you do something just for the love of it, amazing things happen.

It's the same in interiors.  When your home is filled with stuff you love there is an unspoken coherence that oozes personality and connects each room. That kind of style works better than any cleverly contrived colour scheme.

Take my newly arranged kitchen shelves. (See the last post) I love fashion and I love interiors so inevitably in my house, those two worlds collide. This week I delighted in pulling out all my candy coloured kitchen accessories and indulging them in my own little fashion moment. It's an interiors statement that won't suit everyone, but it sums up my current mood perfectly and as a result, I have created a room that I love to be in.

Back in Slaithwaite (pronounced Sla-wit you ought to know) there are a couple of exciting vintage shops just over t'bridge from t'bakery. Here I picked up the two prints above that will now forever
remind me of my wholly satisfying day. When I learnt that success happens when you focus on craft, rather than profit making. That out of the love, comes the amazing. And guess what fashionistas, they only blooming well match my newly styled kitchen ;-) Coincidence or Karma? I know what my Hippy Friend will say.