Improve Your Shelf Life

It's February and romance is in the air. 

The catwalks are awash with cute candy colours, which means it's time for me to spread some sweet love at home. 

This week I'm getting deep down and flirty between the shelves thanks to some new kitchen accessories  - like this fab Flamingo print (above) from  It's brought out the love birds in all of us.

Davina fans look away now. 

With January's diet ditched, I decanted the last of the Christmas choccies into this homemade sweetie jar with more than a bit of the Willy Wonkas about it.

 The Kilner jar keeps sneaky little fingers at bay, but Oh what I can get the boys to do for a delve in my treat-ie jar. Can I tidy my room Mummy? Oh go on then.

I found these vinyl stickers from a fab little seller on ebay. Choose your own size, font style and colour for a cheap and simple way to update storage jars and make cool gifts for sweetie lovers. 

J'adore these pretty china mugs from Tesco. Perfect for that afternoon sugar dip. Also on the weekly shop, I couldn't help adding a few of these cheery tumblers into the trolley. A pound a pop as we say in Yorkshire - They certainly add a colour pop here.

Wit-woo cute looking kitchen. Sweet as a Valentines smooch. And way better than a bunch of roses.

Fancy a nibble?