Who's for Glamuary?

Poor old January. The month when fun becomes a swear word. When the wine stops flowing and the chocolates get chucked to make way for gruesome looking green things. When we're bullied into thinking the appropriate out-of-hours dress code really should be gym gear and the ideal night out, well is actually a night in.

So we might all be holed up in our onesies watching box sets for the duration of this month, but in my book thats all the more reason to add a bit of glamour to the whole sorry affair.

Throughout the month I will be  trying my best to add a bit of House Candy glam to Jan. And I'm starting with these amazing crystal glasses from Waterford's chic Mixology range

I've collected mix matched vintage glasses for some time now, but it's definitely a fine line between chic and chinz. Whilst I like the patterns to be all contrasting, the OCD in me needs the shapes to be kind of the same. Waterford is bang on with this gorgeous collection which you can mix and match to your heart's content and not worry one jot about creating a collection Mrs Faversham might harbour in her dusty drinks cabinet.

I'm lucky enough to have a very glam, very generous friend who, sick of drinking from my chipped second hand flutes, bought me this starter collection of clear champagne coupes for Christmas. I can't wait to add to it, probably with some of the gorgeous coloured pieces on offer. And with January's saving grace - the sales - on at the moment, there's some fantastic discounts to be had. Just click on the link above and see for yourself what a refreshing change this range is to bog standard clear glass.

I'm not very good at saving my favourite things for special occasions. Yes, I've worn the Burberry Mac on the school run because there was no where else to go. Yes, I let the dog curl up on the newly upholstered velvet Chesterfield. I don't see the point waiting for a special occasion or a special guest to arrive to bring out gorgeous items that are yours to enjoy. For one, if it's not something I use all the time I will probably forget about it and 2, experience tells me David Beckham is not knocking on my door any time soon.

So today, the first bog standard Wednesday of the year, I will curl up in front of the goggle box and pour into one of these delicious glasses a sugar free, non-alcoholic beverage that, let's face it will taste pretty dull. But hell will it sparkle.

Please join me for Glamuary and share with me any items that are giving you something to luxuriate about this month.