The Happy Cleansing

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If I'm going to spend some decent money on a hand wash it needs to be good. This is.

It smells pure, it looks pure, it is pure. If possible, I would dedicate a whole bathroom shelf to all things Aesop. Lather myself head to toe in nourishing aromatherapy so that when I passed you, you'd inhale.

As it is, this solitary but not unsubstantial 500ml bottle stands alone in my downstairs loo awaiting the matching hand cream. It never fails to win compliments, even from my little boys when they are allowed to use it.

It was one of those purchases I kind of regretted at the time. "27 quid for soap Claire, Really? You're a Northerner, remember?" And then I did remember…  "It's Glamuary", I said. "The month of enjoying simple pleasures and making everyday things special", I said. "Have you not dedicated hours of blogging time to this very notion?"(At this point you might need to check out my previous posts)

You won't be surprised to learn that I used to read Aesop's Fable's as a girl. I think subconsciously that's what led me to this brand. For those not familiar, Aesop's Fables are weird little tales with a hidden meaning. So of course there had to be a moral to this story right? It's also the moral to my final fable of Glamuary: "MAKE THE SIMPLE STUFF SPECIAL AND THE SPECIAL STUFF SIMPLE."

GlamJan, it's been a pleasure. 

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