Soak It Up

It's foul out, which means we have two choices:

1) We can brave the wind and the rain, try to see the funny side as the brolly flies inside out for the tenth time, and ultimately wish we lived on Necker Island.

2) We can stay indoors and listen to the howling storms from the comfort of a hot, bubbly bathtub.

But wait, this is GlamJan remember so we're going full-on hour -long bath hogging, in broad daylight, whilst the children throw lego at one another and quite possibly starve downstairs.*

*No children were harmed during this experiment.

Yes, the only way to soak up the luxuriousness of bath time is to be totally and utterly selfish. Oh and to get yourselves an amazingly plush deep pile bath mat, so that when you finally thaw out, the exit becomes is a tiny bit more bearable. This rag-rug beauty is from House Of Fraser and sadly (for you) is currently out of stock so I have kindly rounded up a few alternatives that will do the job just as nicely:

1) Get the red carpet treatment at House of Fraser:

2) Add a touch of luxe from The white Company:

3) Trust your animal instinct at BHS

4) Go Supersized at John Lewis

5) Add some sparkle at Next

For those glutenous Glam-Jans out there who just can't get enough of this month long glamour fest, don't forget to exfoliate first and once dry, smooth on some fake tan … Et Voila! that January-just-off-of-the-plane look all the supers are coveting. Kate Moss went to Brazil, you went for a bath. Same difference.

Any GlamJan tips yet? I'd love to hear from you. Please leave a comment and Follow, Follow, Follow for more essential tips on surviving the month everyone … OK ... someone is talking about …  GLAMUARY!

Claire x