Hooked on order

Perhaps it's too much time spent indoors. Maybe too much January juicing has messed with my head. Suddenly I crave order and I crave it NOW.

So this morning, as I tripped over three pairs of discarded trainers and four layers of coats fell on top of me, I knew it was time. Winter clobber, sling your hook. Today I am addressing everyday storage hangups with a therapeutic session of cloakroom cleansing.

I'm on the hunt for a boot bench. Not only can I place nice (clean) shoes underneath, but the boys can actually sit down whilst they fight with their shoelaces, instead of scrambling around on the floor looking untidy. This one from www.notonthehighstreet.com  is pretty much perfect. Add a few natural weave baskets from www.bodieandfou.com and even the abundance of gloves, hats and shin pads that my family hoards can find a place in my heart.

For a cheaper option and where space is tight, I love the idea of wire shoe racks. Plain and simple usually works best in small situations and as usual, www.loaf.com has it covered with its aptly named Whatsit bench below:

This one from  www.grahamandgreen.co.uk also has a handy place to shove the junk mail as you rush out of the door. Saves me losing important letters to my glove compartment, but I'd need to be far more selective with my shoe options to make this one work. Maybe we could have one each?

I have a thing for coats and appear to have acquired more than my fair share in recent years. With dedicated styles for dog walking, school run, work events and social occasions, I'm finding it hard to edit which means only one thing. More hooks.

I'm slightly obsessed with vintage coat hooks. Most salvage yards have a selection and I find mismatched works just as well as a full set. In my Victorian house, either ornate or rustic suit the space best. I found a huge run of old school hooks mounted on a timber board that can easily cope with the burden of four busy lives. There's even a hook left for the dog's lead because bless her, she's the tidiest of us all.

They say first impressions count. So if you are greeted with a sight resembling any of the following scenes of beauty and order when first stepping foot through my door then please, assume away:

You see, it doesn't have to be completely anal. Just minimally anal. Organised chaos, as opposed to actual chaos. Hat's off to that idea, I'll let you know how we get on.