One man's junk is another man's House Candy

Yesterday my friend and I took a stall at the local second hand market in a bid to make a bit of cash before Christmas. We brought along a car full of unwanted items that were lying about our houses. By half past three we had turned our junk into £130 worth of crumpled English notes. Minus stall fees = £100. Split between two = 50 quid each. It was a fun way to spend an afternoon, if not my most lucrative day's business, but it provided an opportunity to cash in on some considerable pre-loved house candy.

1 x brass lamp in full working order = £18  - The gorgeous shade is from Graham and Green
2 x 50s dining chairs = £20 - See their transformation in a future blog post.
1 x retro swivel office chair = £8  - I'm sitting on it now!
1 x decorative box and vintage playing cards (full set) = £5  - A unique and gorgeous Christmas gift.
Total = £51

So my outgoings for the day exceeded my income, which is never a great idea but not at all unusual. And anyway, I look at it this way: In a matter of hours, I swapped a few bags of unloved items for this exciting selection of ready-to-love items. It made a lot of space in my attic and it only cost me one pound. Savvy shopping, see?

So get up into your attics and clear out those closets people. And remember my mantra ...One man's junk is another man's house candy!