Blend it like Beckham

I do love a Beckham. There's David and his tattoos, Harper and her mini Mary Jane's, Romeo and his Burberry Mac. It's like the whole family were sent as a glorious gift from God to decorate our green and pleasant land.

Next time I'm in London I'll be popping in on Victoria. She's invited me to her new shop on Dover Street. It's not an exclusive invite, more of an open house, but I will go, dressed to impress. And as well as admiring a fine cut or an exquisite thread, boy will I drink in the House Candy.

From the raw polished concrete, to the floor-to-ceiling mirrors, I will marvel at the way Victoria has emulated her own personality in shop form. Down to earth meets high glamour. Hard working, with a seriously fun side. Immaculate from every angle.

For me, this is what interior style is all about. Creating a space that speaks volumes about the owner. A place that reflects their individuality just as much as the clothes they wear and the music they listen to. This is not an ordinary clothes shop. This is a lesson in how to blend it like Beckham.

One day I will own a bit of Beckham. It might be a dress, or a bag if I'm lucky, but it will have been expertly crafted by Queen Victoria. And my guess is, it will be insanely beautiful.