just a kid in a sweet shop

House Candy: noun informal; object of lust and desire intended for one's home

 e.g "Where's mum?" 

"Ogling House Candy" 

It’s not officially a ’thing’ but I’m working on it.  Designer gems, vintage treasures, superstore steals, unique up-cycles; since I hit 40 any of it has the potential to provoke a hormonal hot flush and it really helps to talk about it. 

But I'm not all about good looks. In fact far from it.

My ideal house must ooze personality. It's well educated with a wicked sense of humour and a sexy dollop of edge. (Does sexy come in dollops these days?) I hate a house that takes itself too seriously and catalogue-perfect schemes just bore the pants off me.

I'm a mum, a wife, a writer and a Gemini which amounts to a pretty scizophrenic house style. Whether its a bunch of supermarket flowers in a vintage vase or a metre of Cool As F**k designer fabric that transformed a charity shop chair, My House Candy tells my story because that's what decorating should do.