The Hallway Hangover Part II - Light Therapy

As far as I can tell, a Polar Vortex is good for one thing and one thing only. Downtime. House Candy Andy is snowed in, which means he's not shouting for me every ten minutes to decide where I want a radiator pipe, how high I want a skirting, which particular style coving I had in mind and, whilst I'm choosing the en-suite, can I be quick with the cuppa. Tea, half a sugar in case you want to join his waiting list.

So yay for The Beast from The East and the opportunity (wifi permitting) to update you on the hallway situation, which I know you've been worried about, as have I.

stairs and landing.JPG

It's fine. The panelling is still very raw and a bit masculine for my liking, but now that the paper is off and the new plaster dried, I can see that it's going to be great. In fact I've even agreed to just a weeny bit more woodwork. I know, I know, I was all about overkill last week, but I've figured out an opportunity for extra accessorising and in my book, that's never a bad thing. In this instance, I wanted somewhere on the stairwell to flaunt my love of flowers... and then I remembered Rule No 3 of my (yet to be published) laws of decorating: No one ever regrets an extra shelf. See below for details. 

panelled shelf.jpg

I'm going light guys. Sorry for all you dark divas out there. I get that it's cool and all, but it's not me. Not here anyway (though I may reveal a dark side to my character elsewhere in this renovation).

However daring I start out colourwise, I finish the day French. Light, airy, nonchalantly elegant and above all CHIC. The decorator is with me next week so I'll have definitive colour choices then, but expect pale and interesting, rather than dark and dramatic. Okay? I can sense disappointment, don't panic. I will style this one out, you see if I don't. 

I've been in my absolute element choosing lighting and mirrors. I don't want to spoil the big reveal, but suffice to say, here's where I'm balancing out all the hard edges of the panelling with some signature boho glam. I've chosen the main three lights from my fave online interiors store and they will soon be added to my style picks (which means you get a 10% discount on them too).

Bronze Ballroom Chandelier £585

Bronze Ballroom Chandelier £585

I'm looking for a classic, timeless feel to the hallway, which, as it joins up all the rooms, feels like the main artery of the house. Timeless is key because of course, I AINT EVER dramatically changing this space again. Just thought I'd be clear on that point. We can change it up accessory-wise as the fancy takes us, but this is the last major overhaul for this space under our care. FACT.

I plan to add interest with art, mirrors and of course a few vintage accessories, but I doubt I'll be going overboard in my new found appreciation of SPACE.

I've really enjoyed the clarity that has come from starting with a blank canvas. I'm loving unpacking boxes and only putting back what I love. This phase may pass, (although my husband hopes not) but for now I want to appreciate each piece of the jigsaw that pulls the final look together. Space, I have discovered, helps with that. 

Whilst on the subject of my new, holistic approach to decorating, I should warn you that I've had a bit of an epiphany of late. Along with the Polar Vortex, these Easterly winds seem to have swept in another Beast;  Me, on a mission. 

I could go on for hours about how this whole renovation process has changed my style, but it's also stirred something deep inside. No, not a hernia - although I am haemorrhaging pound notes right now - what I mean is, it's brought about a more considered approach to interiors and a more mindful me. Expect BIG changes here on the blog in the coming weeks and months as I pull the rest of the decor together and reveal the positive steps I've taken to nurture the soul of my home through interior design.

Sound smug and a bit annoying? I really hope not because that's the last thing I want to be, but I do feel there are basics of creating amazing living spaces that are not really discussed on interior blogs and yet hold the key to truly fulfilling homes. In other words, there's more to this decorating lark than creating gorgeously Instagrammable rooms and I would love to share with you some of the things I've learned. Change is afoot and I could not be more excited. But first, can someone tell the Beast from the East to do one, I've got a house renovation to be getting on with and the best my builder can build is a snowman.

Hope you like my ideas so far? The boot room is also coming along nicely. You might even have seen the brick chimney breast on my Instagram stories? For those of you that missed it, here it is:

brick wall.JPG

This will house a fire grate to defrost footballer's frozen toes and also provide a handy log store for the house. The new front door arrives next week and the floor has been chosen already so I'll look forward to sharing more photos with you in my next post.

Happy snow day(s) and more importantly, I'd be a very bad Pricey if I didn't wish you all a Happy St Davids Day.

Claire x






My hall has got a hangover!

Help me I've been panelled!

Seriously if you stand still long enough round here you get a piece of 6 by 4 screwed into you. That's what happened to the hall this week and I can tell you it was not a pleasant experience. Never mind the dust and the noise, there was that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that I'd overdone it.


The morning after the first run of panelling had gone up I couldn't look at it. OVERKILL. I panicked. I felt the burning need to hide House Candy Andy's circular saw before the place turned into a period drama room set.

The depressing state of our landing :(

The depressing state of our landing :(

How did I let this happen you say? Greed, that's how. Filthy, stinking GREED. Hopefully you've been there at some point in your shallow existence too? When you love something like I love the dark blue panelling in the kitchen/diner and you want more. KNOW WHEN TO STOP PEOPLE.

So it's done now and I will have to live with the extra layer of dust that will gather weekly on the grooves for the rest of my life. As extra punishment, I've also had to scrape off the extravagant Farrow and Ball lattice wallpaper I pleaded for about 5 years ago.  It was all too much see - panels, patterns, picture rails (sicky mouth).

Instead, I now need to spend some time un-restoring the hallway. Stop it looking too OTT and ridiculous. I must tone things down to let Andy and Paul the joiner's really rather marvellous handiwork appear - not as a greedy afterthought - but as the beautifully strategic architectural detail that should always have been here.

Elegant panelling inspo from the Parisians

Elegant panelling inspo from the Parisians

I plan to simplify things with soothing hues, modern lines and elegant lighting. Interior wise, I need to do the equivalent of swallowing an alka seltzer. House Candy Andy also needs to put the circular saw away once and for all. It's given me a headache.

What are your thoughts on panelling? Love it or loathe it? Have you ever overdone it interior wise and lived to regret it? Let me know in the comments section.

Claire x


The family that bathes together, stays together (said nobody ever)

I'm literally bossing at bathroom design having smashed out three completely different schemes in the space of a week. House Candy Andy is back with bells on and he wants to know where I want my pipes putting, (which I must admit, isn't something I'd ever given much thought to).

I have now. In fact, if you'll excuse the pun, I've become quite anal about it.  

Take the downstairs loo for instance. It's now a corner of the new boot room entrance and will be used to wash muddy football studs almost as frequently as it will to wash hands. Glamour has therefore quite literally gone out of the window. I'm going for a rustic wash house look and hoping to utilise the old butlers sink that came out of the outbuilding before that got demolished.

A bit of utility chic here and there is a great way to stretch the budget and for once I'm pleased to say House Candy Andy is thoroughly on board with a make-do-and-mend approach. There has even been talk of him making taps out of copper pipes which I kid you not excited me more than anything else on the project so far. 

Utility chic wins for the boot room bathroom 

Utility chic wins for the boot room bathroom 

Toilets, on the other hand, do not fill me with joy, but this week I did learn to give a crap about where they go. Different models need to be positioned in different places, see. You can't go buying bogs willy-nilly. It requires thought, which is why bathroom brochures are now the reading material of choice in our little boys and girls' room. 

Upstairs I've had my design wings clipped a little in the girly en-suite powder room I was blissfully creating. The black marble sink top I had made for my old downstairs loo was going to re-emerge in here, sat upon a new bespoke cabinet. Practically, this hasn't proved to be the best option since it will take up far more floor space than is necessary in a compact room. It saddens me to say it but my first ever attempt at bespoke design could be heading to Ebay to make way for a shop bought freestanding roll top sink instead. Meh! you say?... believe me, only the styling will save it.

My en-suite is my little pamper parlour so I'm going all out Man Repeller in here. I'm taking the opportunity to exercise diva-like design ideas with the basic principle based around keeping all the boys OUT. We're talking pretty wallpaper and vintage mirrors, candles and cut flowers. 

Man-repelling vintage bathroom inspo by

Man-repelling vintage bathroom inspo by

The old family bathroom meanwhile will receive the equivalent of a hormone injection. 

This is soon to be both the little and big boy's room. All of them. See, a neighbour and friend of ours recently told me that separate bathrooms were the key to a happy marriage. With all of us currently sharing the one bathing space, it's fair to say modesty standards have slipped. There's not even a lock on the door FFS. This morning I was happily muti-tasking on the toilet whilst searching for regency style radiators when my husband walked in stark naked for a shower and proceeded to talk me through the Arsenal goals.

This cannot be allowed to continue. My sons cannot grow up thinking that this is acceptable adult behaviour. The boys are therefore receiving a dedicated "Hygiene Space" in which they can gather in force to talk balls to their heart's content. It will be less bohemian free for all, more boy/he/man common room. They can wash their own whiskers down the sink. They can wallow in their own wet towels. Okay, okay, so I'll make it look photo worthy for the interests of the blog, but after that they're on their own. What goes in the boys' room, stays in the boys' room. Unless it looks this cool, then it can be shared with 3 million Pinterest obsessives too.

Shared boys bathroom image courtesy of The Swelle Life

Shared boys bathroom image courtesy of The Swelle Life

So you can see I've had my hands full designing bathrooms. But what a nice problem to have right? If the end result is a home in which we can interfere less with each other's personal space; where we can quite literally be responsible for our own shit, then I feel there's a much better chance of a happy ever after, don't you? 

The family that bathes together, may well stay together, but they'll carry around a little too much information about each other too. 

I'll let you know how we get on.

Claire x


Where's the Love In Da House?

Oh, hello. Remember me? Sorry for taking unauthorised leave of absence but I just needed a month off to chisel the dust off my laptop after the Christmas kitchen extension and have a good old pause for thought. 

New year, New House Candy Goals

New year, New House Candy Goals

There's a lot of us doing this interior blogging thing and I'm not sure the world needs us all shouting about the same stuff, do you? I wanted to step back and assess what noise I am contributing and the truth is, it's taken me a month of drying out over January to think straight and gain a bit of perspective. Anyway, here's what I found:

I've realised that I can only talk with absolute authority about the stuff going on in my own home and life, so that's what I'm sticking to and what you'll find here is more on the designs and interior choices that are helping me towards MY dream house scenario (which I'm kind of hoping you'll like too). This could take a while since what started out as a kitchen extension has somehow turned into a four storey overhaul. I know, right? *crowd funding ideas welcome*

I've got a lot of work to do and of course a budget to work to, so I'll be looking at ways to stretch it as far as it will go. My main objective for the house is to restore it to its former Victorian glory. It has been stripped of many of its original features over the years and because every job here turns into a big operation, there's been plenty of bodge jobs, make-dos and cover ups. It makes no sense to keep throwing good money after bad so the main bulk of our budget is to be spent on getting the basics back to their best.

We've only ever had one main bathroom and a downstairs loo and the structural changes have allowed us the luxury of incorporating two more shower rooms into the house, which I'm sure will become necessary with two growing boys! All the bathrooms are having to be re-done which of course is a lot of money and I've got a few ideas to try and get the high end look I'm after at a fraction of the cost. Keep following to see how that pans out and if House Candy Andy can cope with any more of my unconventional up-cycle ideas. The word Pinterest is enough to send him into meltdown as followers of the story so far will be all too familiar with!

Do not adjust your sets, this is modern up-cycling at it's bright and beautiful best!

Do not adjust your sets, this is modern up-cycling at it's bright and beautiful best!

As you know, I love vintage style more than modern but that's not a passion shared by the rest of my household. Still, I believe vintage style is timelessly chic and doesn't have to be all about pastel pinks, frills and florals (though all of the above are fine with me).

Hopefully in creating a home that blends vintage with modern I can inspire a few more people to re-love old furniture that doesn't deserve to be scrapped, support more amazing charity shops and also bring ideas that may help you achieve the interior look you want, for less. 

Masculine vintage is how I'm pitching many of my new room designs!

Masculine vintage is how I'm pitching many of my new room designs!

There are some items that I believe you should invest in the best you can afford. I'll only splash the cash on luxury items if I believe they are keepers and that's why I always prefer to go for classic styles rather than trend led furniture. I was recently asked to curate a page for a wonderful online interiors store called Oh What's This. If you haven't already checked out what I chose, have a look here. I keep referring to this list when I'm designing rooms and adding furniture and accessories because it's easy to get distracted by gorgeous new trends, but really important to nail down your own unique style. This is totally mine and if you like this Classic-with-a-twist style too, bag yourselves 10% off with the code HouseCandy at checkout. I'm going to spend some time explaining why each piece is a keeper in my next post.

I've got ongoing beef with social media and for the sake of my sanity, this year I need to buy back some of the time I am prone to wasting on there to do more things that make me happy. Making this discovery of extra creative time has already led to an exciting new venture which I don't want to jinx by blabbing about yet, but rest assured I will BLAB MY MOUTH OFF about across ALL of the medias if it actually comes off in the future.  

So that's what the future holds and a few things I needed to get off my chest before we began. Unfortunately I've been further stalled because House Candy Andy has had a wobbly start to the year health-wise (nothing to do with me) With any luck he'll be back to his bolshy best by Monday and we can get cracking.

In and amongst house do-er-upping, there's a family to look after and style goals to maintain; the life of a Real Housewife of Suburbia is multi-facetted as you may already be aware. If you're in agreement I thought it might be cool to share any life-wins I discover along the way, be that the get-me-anywhere outfit of dreams or a £5 gravity defying face cream that you need to drop whatever you're doing and head out for RIGHT NOW.  But look, I'm as much work in progress as my house is and I'm still reading the manuals. I've recently discovered a couple of good ones including Self Care for the Real World by Nadia Narain and Katia Narain Phillips. In it they have turned the essence of what I've been banging on about for three years into an international best seller that Kate Moss herself proclaims is her bible. Nadia and Kate say: "Your home is your identity and it tells a story about how you want to feel in it: make that story comfortable, calm and beautiful." That's House Candy goals 2018 right there.

Ready, Steady, GO.

Happy weekend all,

Claire xx

Happy House Candy Christmas

Day Twenty Four

All ready for Christmas dinner... if I could only find the knives and forks!

All ready for Christmas dinner... if I could only find the knives and forks!

We're off. I'm on my third glass of champagne already so it's in everyone's best interests if we keep this one short and sweet.

Forget the House Candy anyway, it's all about these two now.

George and Charlie icing the edible place settings

George and Charlie icing the edible place settings

The boys are getting big and this could be the last one where we need Santa's help so I'm determined to soak up every magical moment. 

We had a plan B if the kitchen wasn't ready for our Christmas dinner but I'm so pleased we didn't need it. I can't think of a better way to christen this space than with a big old family Christmas. 

Have a fab time celebrating everyone. I'm clocking off to spend time with the fam. Hope you do too. Thanks for all your well wishes support and advice about the extension. I love it, of course I do, but it's only a house. It's what we fill it with that counts ;-)

Happy Christmas, 

Claire x



Adding the aaaahhhs, the Ooh La Las and the Ay Ups

Day Twenty Three

The finished kitchen (again)

The finished kitchen (again)

It's Christmas Eve Eve for goodness sake, how did that happen?

Today behind the advent door ('cos just to remind you that was the point of this daily blog throughout December thing) it's been a hive of activity much like at your place I suspect.

Wrapping, food shopping, sending the husband out last minute gift shopping because one pile is bigger than the other, more wrapping, more food shopping, because can you even call it Christmas dinner if you haven't got After Eights? It's all go in the hope that tomorrow we can actually start enjoying this thing that we laughably call a holiday.

Admittedly the usual Christmas Eve Eve frenzy has taken longer than normal because:

a) I have a bit of a panto hangover which I didn't know was a thing until my friend taught me a lesson in panto-ing involving handbag sized bottles of prosecco and straws.

b) I keep having to pause to look at my bloody gorgeous new kitchen.

Am I showing off too much? Sorry. Well actually no, I'm not sorry. It's been blood sweat and tears in the making has this kitchen of ours and if I sound a bit smug then that's because I am. I LOVE it and all the dreaming, mood boarding, planning, saving, splurging, sourcing, scouring and scrubbing has been totally worth it. 

Yesterday I was excited to show you my new Distinctive Chesterfields Northbank sofa:

The fully accesorised Northbank Sofa by

The fully accesorised Northbank Sofa by

...But as I was rushing to get out for the panto, I didn't have time to tell you about the accessories. The patterned cushions and yellow throw are all from B&Q whose home accessories range was full of gorgeous surprises when I popped in for lightbulbs the other day. The large star-shaped metallic silver cushion is by Suburban Salon from Hilary and Flo. It's one of those show stoppers that just makes everything look cooler.

There's one more surprise I can't show you yet because I'm afraid to unwrap it until I get a proper floor down. It's a navy blue velvet version of this, The Paris chair, with a matching footstool, also from Distinctive Chesterfields.

It's these finishing touches that are adding all the oohs and the ahhs and in this case the ooh la las to my new living kitchen. And that's all very well, but undoubtedly it's the "Ay-Up"s I'm looking forward to most. I'm hosting two family gatherings in the space of three days and this party kitchen is about to find out what a Big Fat Yorkshire Christmas looks like.  

Let the fun begin!

Panto dames finding everything bloody hilarious (including Snapchat filters) with the help of handbag prosecco. Henceforth the only way to panto.

Panto dames finding everything bloody hilarious (including Snapchat filters) with the help of handbag prosecco. Henceforth the only way to panto.

Claire x

The sofa's arrived and all I'm missing is a Magic Carpet

Day 22

It's panto time and I'm well up for it because like the good Fairy Godmother he is, House Candy Andy has finished the kitchen in time for Christmas. Not only that but I waved my own magic wand and got my new sofa delivered in time for the grand finale too. Check out my Instagram stories for a view of the furnished room, all ready except for the floor.


This is The Northbank sofa in herringbone grey from a local store called Distinctive Chesterfields  and of course I fell for the whole fairy story that came with it. Distinctive Chesterfields is a family firm who hand make beautiful sofas, armchairs and footstools just up the road from me in Honley, near Huddersfield.

You choose the sofa style and fabric, pay your deposit and hey presto, a team of tiny elves work day and night to hand stitch your individual piece of upholstery using finest cloth spun by Rumplestiltskin himself in a faraway chamber of the giant's castle... 

Well Okay so I'm a bit sketchy on the details, but suffice to say, it's handmade near home and it will live happily ever after in my new kitchen extension.

Part two coming up after the interval!

Claire xx

All of the kitchen feels

Day 21

I've been a bad, bad, blogger. Tonight I had a bit of a kitchen warming party for a few of my closest friends who were eager to see the new space I've been banging on about and.... oops! I didn't take pictures.


Here's my youngest son Charlie, putting some mince pies out and, other than a panoramic view on my Instagram stories, I'm afraid that's your lot. But look, all is not lost because I hadn't had chance to dress it properly so the pretty photos can wait. Instead, I'd really like to tell you in words, not pictures (which I promise will come over Christmas) how the new kitchen feels.

Weeeelllllll......   It's brand spanking new and somehow it feels like it's always been here. I've dreamt out this space so often, it feels weirdly familiar. It's definitely a space for laughing, chatting, eating, drinking and dancing like nobody is watching. (Although they probably are watching because those glass doors are flipping massive and it's lit up like Las Vegas, inside and out). It feels vast, yet toasty warm with this great big island pulling everyone together. It feels luxurious, but not precious and - fittingly since the kitchen itself is from Magnet - it feels like this is the rightful hub of the home where we are all instinctively drawn. A welcoming place where my little family and our increasingly bigger lives all meet in the middle. 

And when your kitchen feels like that, it really doesn't matter what it looks like, does it? Sorry if you were looking forward to photos but the sofa arrives tomorrow and then you'll be sick of my snaps, I promise!

Claire x


Let there be light

Apologies if your electrics have been down in the last 24 hours. I'm concerned the power surge caused by the big lights switch on in the new extension may have blown the National Grid. 

The electrician came today (at 6.30am btw) and as a result, we now have light and power. It's cost me a small fortune in lightbulbs, let me tell you. There are ceiling lights, wall lights, external wall lights, Christmas lights. And after 10 weeks of darkness on that side of the house, I can't pretend that I'm not enjoying switching them all on.

In a less frivolous/more carbon neutral move, I've utilised some more vintage lights that I picked up from the flea market. These pretty twinkly brass wall chandeliers are really a bit small for the massive dark panelled wall in the living area of the new kitchen extension. But they looked so pretty against the dark paint that I had to ignore the builder's advice and use them anyway. If I come across bigger ones someday then they may move, but for now, I just love the vintage glamour they bring to the room. 

Re-wired vintage glass wall lights

Re-wired vintage glass wall lights

I have to keep reminding myself that only a few months ago, this room was just a dead outdoor space between the house and the crumbling old outbuilding. So I think it deserves a bit of Christmas bling, don't you?

Thank you so much for your input in the dark/light kitchen shelves debate. It's all cool, we have Christmas to mull it over, because Des the dancing decorator has declared (no more d's, promise) that he hasn't time to paint it dark now anyway... BUT ... if I do decide it has to change, he will oblige in the New Year when he's back to sort out the entrance hall. So please do keep your votes coming. I'll let you know the consensus at the end of the week.

In the meantime, I have a houseful coming tomorrow night and now that there are light bulbs in this here extension, you can't half see the muck :(

NOW I get why you need dimmer switches. 

Claire x

I need your help with an alcove altercation

Day Nineteen

The worktop arrived today and although the lovely grained white granite received a unanimous thumbs-up, it also split the camp on the issue of what colour to pain the newly shelved alcoves.

My new white worktops and the dark or light alcove dilemma

My new white worktops and the dark or light alcove dilemma

House Candy Andy (HCA) is stamping his feet demanding they be painted the dark shade of the cabinets and the feature panelled wall. He thinks this will complete the welsh dresser look.

Des the Decorator (DTD) thinks dark would be overkill and the contrasting light paint colour of the walls, doors and woodwork would be a more sophisticated option.

I know, I know, it's MY kitchen, I'm supposed to be the interior expert around here, what do I think? The trouble is my brain has turned to mush. I mean, seriously, I stood still in Sainsbury's for a full 5 minutes yesterday, a box of Cadburys Heros in one hand and a box of Lindor truffles in the other. Sophisticated or popular, sophisticated or popular? I just couldn't find it in me to make the call and had to put them both down. I kid you not. I couldn't choose a bloody box of chocolates, can I be trusted with paint? 

So, HCA and DTD had the brilliant idea of asking you guys.

"Get it on the blog!" they hollered, nearly wetting their overalls at the preposterous idea that My House Candy may offer a serious solution to an actual workman's quibble. 

"Brilliant idea." I agreed. I mean, you guys have never let me down before, have you?

So PLEASE let me know what you think, either here or on my Instagram or Facebook pages. I would love to see a #Andy for dark shelves and a #Des for light. Here's another look at the room from head on. 

shelves x2.JPG

Any other pearls of decorating wisdom here would also be gratefully received.

Over to you!

Claire xx